Closed System Chemicals

Arco Product

The other type of recirculation methodology is the Closed Recirculation system technique. In it, water is recirculated in the system without bleed-off. Hence, concentration increases with every cycle leading to numerous water treatment problems. The following are some of our products which counter the problems faced by closed system users:




It is a liquid nitrite-based product for corrosion control in chilled water systems as well as in hot water heating systems.


Contains alkalinity buffering agents together with a specific inhibitor for copper and its alloys.


Prevents corrosion of ferrous and copper compounds, pitting and scale formation.


Provides non-chromate film forming inhibition.




It is a molybdate based liquid product containing a copolymer and a specific inhibitor for copper and its alloys.


Prevents corrosion of ferrous, brass and copper compounds.


Performs equally well on soft, medium and hard water as well as on demineralized water.


Does not contain Zinc or Phosphate.




It is a nitrite based compound containing sequestering agents and inhibitors with alkaline builders.


Provides excellent corrosion protection of the cooling system including piston jackets, pumps, coolers and piping.


Prevents attack of acids on metals found in the diesel engine system.


For use in Hot & Chilled water systems.