Imported Products

Arco Product

ARCO CHEMICALS stocks water treatment products imported from our foreign partners as well as manufacturing our own line of products. Thus, we have solutions for all clients; for those who prefer foreign products, we have a complete range of imported products and for those who prefer local ones, we have our own line of products. For our clients who prefer to use foreign water treatment chemicals, we have a complete range of products to meet their needs. Here is a partial list of them:

Helamin, France


Helamine 906 H


It contains a mixture of surface –active polyamine ,volatile amine and polycarboxylates that works in synergetic way. Free of phosphate and harmful hydrazine.


Buckman Laboratories, USA




It is a broad spectrum microbicide concentrate used to control the growth of algae, bacteria and fungi in recirculating cooling water systems.


Shandong Taihe Water Treatment Technologies Co., China




It is a scale inhibitor and dispersant for cool water treatment




It is a scale inhibitor used in low pressure boiler water system, circulating water system, industrial cleaning water system and swimming pools




It is mainly used as antirust and corrosion inhibitor for metals and oil products